What We Do


Our goal is to reduce gender disparities on education in rural and developing areas of Africa through different means such as literacy and professional training. We believe that education is a strong tool for women's empowerment. In Cameroon, the female literacy rate is 59.8% and in the republic of Guinea, is estimated at 18.1%. In both countries, girls attend school less regularly than boys. This makes it challenging for women to integrate into society and get jobs since they are under educated.

The Angels & Doves Foundation works to empower women from poor and rural communities in West Africa through literacy and professional training. We believe that through literacy and practical skills training, we give to those women the best opportunity to start working themselves out of poverty. We also believe that women are the heart and soul of a family, and their empowerment is vital to sustainable development in Africa.

The Angels & Doves Foundation also provides basic computer training to disadvantaged and underprivileged children, donates computers to underequipped schools through specific programs.

Water & Sanitation

We provide clean and potable water in very poor and rural communities in West Africa so that the people from those communities don't have to walk miles to the nearest source of water, which is unprotected and likely to make them sick.

We educate the population on better health behaviors (basic hygiene and sanitation habits) such as:

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